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Eric Kyle Szmanda
Born July 24, 1975
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Contact Eric
c/o Krista Himelson
B/W/R Public Relations
9100 Wilshire Blvd.
6th Floor, West Tower
Beverly Hills, CA 9021


Screen Actors Guild Award

2005 Win - Ensemble in a Drama Series
2004 Nominated- Ensemble in a Drama Series
2003 Nominated- Ensemble in a Drama Series
2002 Nominated- Ensemble in a Drama Series

Peoples Choice Awards

2007 Nominated - Favorite Drama
2006 Win - Favorite Drama
2005 Win - Favorite Drama
2004 Win - Favorite Drama
2003 Win - Favorite Drama

Primetime Emmy Awards

2004 Nominated - Outstanding Drama Series
2003 Nominated - Outstanding Drama Series
2002 Nominated - Outstanding Drama Series

Golden Globe Awards

2003 Nominated - Best Television Series - Drama
2002 Nominated - Best Television Series - Drama
2001 Nominated - Best Television Series - Drama

Television Critics Association Awards

2002 Nominated - Television Critics Association Awards - New Program of the Year
2001 Nominated - Television Critics Association Awards - Outstanding Achievement in Drama

MISC Awards

2005 Nominated - Saturn Awards - Best Network Television Series
2005 Nominated- Logie Awards - Most Popular Overseas Drama
2004 Win - TP De Oro - Best Foreign Series (Mejor Serie Extranjera)
2004 Nominated - National Television Award - Most Popular Drama
2004 Win - Logie Awards - Most Popular Overseas Drama
2004 Win - Saturn Awards - Best Network Television Series (tied with Angel)
2003 Win - Golden Satellite Award - Best Television Series, Drama

Eric Facts

*** Taken from IMDB and TV Tome and modified a bit.

  • Attended Carroll College in Waukesha, Wisconsin.
  • He is the Great-nephew of former Menard's pitchman Ray Szmanda.
  • Name rhymes with raw-panda.
  • Attended high school in Mukwonago, Wisconsin and graduated in 1993.
  • Has acted in numerous plays in high school.
  • Enjoys music by Marilyn Manson and Sigur Rós whose songs have been used on CSI.
  • He has two brothers named Rob and Brett.
  • Played drums until about freshman year in high school
  • In his first movie the producer he was working with requested that he changed his name
  • Lived in George Eads' guest quarters for a couple months and took care of George's dog, Maverick, when George was out of town.
  • His last name is pronounced like "Amanda" with a "z" and is a Hungarian name.
  • Model for Bloomingdales.
  • A graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena, California.
  • Nominated four years in a row for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series for the Screen Actors Guild Award. [2002-2005] and won them all.
Greg Facts

* Written by me as I capped the episodes I took note of anything interesting pertaining to Greg

  • Got NFL-2K for Dreamcast the day it came out and plays the Falcons. [Pilot]
  • Listed to a audio book on restriction enzyme analysis and DNA typing. [Pledging Mr. Johnson]
  • Grissom told him on his second week at CSI with a the murder of a cheating spouse there are always two suspects at the top of the list: the lover and the betrayed. [Pledging Mr. Johnson]
  • Was drinking Chamomile. [Who are you?]
  • On payday Friday's Greg and his friends would go to the French Palace where Catherine worked before becoming a CSI. [Who are you?]
  • Likes saying Bioassy. [Table Stakes ]
  •  The night before went on a date with a woman with shoulder length blonde hair, green eyes, cute toes and smells good. He also said she had amazing epithelial cells. [35K O.B.O.]
  • Greg had palate extender, braces, retainer, head gear. It was totally worth it. [Coming of Rage]
  • Moves his porn around the lab. [Caged]
  • "I know what you all think of me. I'm just another pretty face who got to where I am by sleeping with Catherine. But seriously Phi Beta Kappa, Stadford... Full ride." [Caged]
  • Greg asked Catherine if she thought Sara would ever go out with him. She said sure, as long as she didn't know it was date. He asks Sara and she says yes but they didn't go because the case was hot. [He looked so sad :(] [Organ Grinder]
  • Greg was captain of his high school chess squad. Went to college in Edmonton. Had a roommate his freshman year that went to play for the Swedish Elite League. [Primum Non Nocere]
  • In this episode, Greg worked out on the field for the first time. Sara praised him for his work and defended him to another lab rat. [Chasing The Bus]
  • We find in this episode he's reading Teen People will Pink on the cover, he thinks she's hot. Also we found that he provided the lab copies of Nick in Crime Stoppers. [Stalker]
  • Greg says he could have been a rock star, to which Grissom replied "there's still time." [Cats in the Cradle]
  • Greg likes cars. [Iced]
  • Greg's grandfather's name is Olaf [Papa Olaf] who was as bald as Bruce Willis at 16. Greg's lucky because the baldness comes from his mothers side. [Butterflied]
  • His mothers maiden name is Hojem which is Norwegian. Greg's grandfather got thrown out of Norway fo getting his grandmother pregnant before they got married. He continues to tell Greg "Som man reder sa ligger man," meaning one must lie in the bed on has made. Greg is of Scandinavian decent. [Let the Seller Beware]
  • Greg's grandpa gave him a 1909 V.D.B. coin, "S" Lincoln Penny created by Victor D Brenner. As per Grissom Greg surfs, scuba dives, into latex, fashion models and Marilyn Manson and also has a coin collection. Grissom sends Greg into a coin collection for a trade. He totally closed the case. [Precious Metal]
  • Greg sang: "99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer, you swab one down, run it through CODIS, 98 bottles of beer on the wall." [A Night at the Movies]
  • In this episode, Catherine leaves a glass jar of something in the DNA lab which results in a lab explosion hurting both Greg and Sara. It burned his back and he had to sleep on his side. [Play With Fire]
  • Greg is recovering from the explosion and you see two bandages, one on his cheek and one on the side of his neck. His hands also shake uncontrollably. [Inside the Box]

Starring Roles

  • [2005] Snow Wonder
  • [2005] Little Athens
  • [2004] CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2 Dark Motives (Voice) Greg Sanders
  • [2003] CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Voice) Greg Sanders
  • [2002] The Rules of Attraction NYU Film Student
  • [2002] CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Greg Sanders
  • [2000] 100 Girls Sam
  • [2000] Big Time Avery
  • [2000] True Vinyl Billy Thompson
  • [1999] Dodge's City Johnny Dodge
  • [1998] The Net Jacob Resh & the Sorcerer

Guest Starring Roles

  • [15 April 2001] The Division "The Parent Trap" (episode # 1.14) Mark
  • [20 February 2001] Three Sisters "The Faculty Party" (episode # 1.7) Dave
  • [7 January 2001] The Division "Pilot" (episode # 1.1)
  • [20 October 2000] FreakyLinks "Subject: Edith Keeler Must Die" (episode # 1.3) Eli
  • [16 April 2000] Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane "A Midsummer Night's Nightmare" (episode # 2.6) Max
  • [19 February 2000] Oh Baby "What It Should Be and What It Is" (episode # 2.19) Brent

Guest Roles [Playing Himself]

  • [03-10-2005] The Tony Danza Show
  • [07-30-2002] The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn
  • [05-15-2002] The View